Texas Janitorial Services Bond Application

Protect yourself by protecting your customers.

Our Janitorial Services Bond is designed to:

  • Protect your customers from losses incurred by dishonest acts of your employees.
  • Cover against acts that cause a loss to your valued customers by all company employees, including part-time and full-time employees.

Dishonest employees can significantly damage your business.

For Example:

  • An employee of a janitorial service business was cleaning an auto dealership. A customer left his keys in the night drop; the employee stole the keys and the vehicle. The employee drove the car to another city and wrecked it.
  • An employee of a janitorial service business was cleaning a law office and found two envelopes containing cash in an attorney's desk drawer. She stole the money and bought a car.
  • On his first day on the job, an employee of a janitorial services business who was cleaning in a bank stole $15,000 cash from the vault.

The janitorial businesses in these examples were protected by the Janitorial Services Bond and their losses were covered by the Surety Company up to the coverage limits purchased. Coverage is subject to the conviction of the defaulting employee.