Certificate of Title Bond

Certificate of Title Bond

Quick Estimate

Bond amount required on DMV Letter:

Total Estimated Premium: $0.00

Instructions: Fax (281) 666-8482 or scan and upload all the following items.
(If bond amount is over $10,000 it could take at least 24-48 hours to get approved.)

  1. Completed Certificate of Title Application
  2. Two page rejection letter from TX-DMV, which should include:
    1. Statement of Fact
    2. Vehicle Inquiry Receipt, if DMV gave you one
      (If it shows a lien, we need a “Release of Lien” from the lien holder before you can apply for the bond).
    3. Blue Book value page.


By submitting an application the applicant(s) and/or indemnitor(s) understand and agree that by submitting an application for bonding to any of the writing companies of CNA Surety Corporation or RLI Insurance Company, the undersigned authorize the verification of information provided and the obtaining of additional information from any source, including obtaining a credit report on the undersigned and/or any other individuals associated with the business involved, including spouses, at the time of application, in any review or renewal, at the time of any potential or actual claim, or for any other legitimate purpose determined by the writing company in its reasonable discretion.