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Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston, Garland, Granbury,
GrovesHouston, Hurst, Kerrville, Mesquite, Midland, Nederland, Odessa, San Antonio, University Park

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Miscellaneous Bonds For Texas

Alcoholic Beverage Performance Bond
Automobile Club Bond
Burglar Alarm Seller Bond
Certificate of Title Bond
Cigar & Tobacco Products Distributers Bond
Combative Sports Promoter Bond
Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Tax Bond
Commercial Driver License Third Party Skills Tester Bond
Commercial Sign Operator/Outdoor Advertiser Bond
Conduct Surety Bond
Contract Brewing or Alternating Proprietorship for Resident and Non-Resident Brewers and Manufactures Fee Interest Bond
Continuous Bond of Seller (Sales Tax)
Course Provider Bond
Credit Services Organization Bond
Customs Broker Continuous Bond
Dishonesty Bond
Driver Education School Bond
ERISA Bond (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
Escrow Officers Schedule Bond
Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Instruments Bond
Grain Warehouse Operator Bond
Insurance Agency Bond
Janitorial Services Bond
Manufactured Housing Licensing Bond
Medicaid Provider Bond
Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Bond
Mixed Beverage Sales Tax Bond
Motor Fuels Tax Bond
Motor Home Show Promoter’s Bond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Over Axle & Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Bond
Polygraph Examiner Bond
Private Child Support Enforcement Agency Bond
Public Insurance Adjuster Bond
Public Safety Organization Independent Promoter or Public Safety Publication Solicitor’s Bond
Real Estate School Bond
Reinsurance Intermediary Bond
Resident Funds Bond (Nursing Home)
Residential Conservation Service Contractor Bond
Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Bond
Small Contract Bond
Superheavy or Oversize Bond
Telephone Solicitation Bond
Third-Party Debt Collector Bond
Timber Permit
Title Agent Bond
Vehicles Used Exclusively for the Transportation of Recyclable Materials Bond
Vehicles Used Exclusively for the Transportation of Solid Waste Bond
Veterans Organization Solicitation Bond
Wrestling Promoter Bond

City of Abilene

$1,000 – Appliance Dealer Contractor Bond
$25,000 – Building Contractor’s Bond
$5,000 – Contractor’s Bond
$3,000 – Sign Builders Bond
$1,000 – Street Contractor
$10,000 – Swimming Pool Contractor Bond

City of Amarillo

$10,000 or $20,000 – Contractor’s Bond
$10,000 or $20,000 – Roofing or Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Spa Contractor’s Bond
Service Line Permit Bond

City of Austin

$10,000 – Sidewalk/Driveway/Curb/Gutter Builder’s Bond
$5,000 – Right-of-Way Bond

City of Beaumont

$15,000 – Building Contractor’s Bond
$2,000 – Driveway & Sidewalk Contractor’s Bond
$15,000 – Roofing Contractor Bond

City of Dallas

$5,000 – Commercial Water/Wastewater Services Installation Bond
$10,000 – Paving Bond

City of Denton

$1,000 – Sidewalk, Curb, & Gutter Bond

City of El Paso

$10,000 or $25,000 – Blanket Building and Construction Bond
$10,000 – Engineering & Construction Management Bond

City of Fort Worth

$1,000 – Itinerant Vendor Bond
$10,000 – Parkway Contractor’s Bond
$25,000 – Street & Drain Bond

City of Galveston

$25,000 – Contractor’s License Bond

City of Garland

$5,000 – General Repair Bond
$2,000 – Sidewalk Bond

City of Granbury

$5,000 – Professional Contractor’s Bond

City of Groves

$15,000 – General Contractor’s Bond

City of Houston

$10,000 – Itinerant Vendor Bond – ($175.00)
$3,500 – Landowner’s Agreement Bond
$10,000 – Metal Recyclers, Secondhand Metal Dealers, or Secondhand Resellers Bond
$2,000 – One Year Maintenance Bond
$2,000 – One Year Surface Restoration Bond
$2,000 – Sidewalk/Driveway/Curb/Gutter Builder’s Bond
$25,000 – Sign Contractor Bond
$25,000 – Sign Removal Bond
$5,000 – Storage Facilities Bond

City of Hurst

Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk, Driveway, & Sewer Bond

City of Kerrville

$5,000 – Contractor’s License Bond

City of Mesquite

$2,000 – Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter, & Driveway Approach Bond
$5,000 – Sign Bond

City of Midland

$10,000 – Contractor’s Bond
$2,000 – Electrician’s Bond
$2,000 – Landscape Irrigator’s Bond
$2,000 – Plumber’s/Gas Fitter’s Bond
$1,000 – Sidewalk Bond
$5,000 – Sign Contractor’s Bond
$2,000 – Sign Electrician’s Bond

City of Nederland

$15,000 – Building Contractor’s Bond
$2,000 – Green Waste Disposal Bond

City of Odessa

$2,000 – House Mover’s Bond
$2,000 – Plumber’s Bond
$1,000 – Secondhand Goods Dealer Bond
$1,000 – Water Well Construction Bond
Right of Way Construction Bond

City of San Antonio

$5,000 – Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, & Duct Work Bond
$2,000 – Moving Contractor’s Bond
$5,000 – Plumber’s Bond
$10,000 – Right of Way Bond
$2,000 – Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters, & Driveways Bond
$5,000 – Sign Erector Bond
Building To Be Relocated Bond

City of University Park

$10,000 – Concrete Bond

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