Texas Group Notary


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No deductible
Policy Term = 1 year
Annual coverage per notary AND employer.
Covers defense costs should a claim or suit be filed against them. (Subject to policy provisions)
Protects against errors and omissions.
ALL notaries employed by the named insured are covered 24 hours a day.
ALL notaries hired or appointed are AUTOMATICALLY INSURED without a requirement to report until renewal.
Employers are covered under group policy at no additional charge.
This policy does not cover Notary Public Signing Agents while notarizing document for loan closings.
Underwritten by Western Surety Company of Sioux Falls, SD

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Total premium is based on amount of coverage and the total number of notaries employed.

Annual Coverage 3 or Less Notaries Employed Each Additional Notary Employed
$10,000 $33.25 $11.00
$15,000 $40.75 $13.50
$20,000 $48.50 $16.25
$25,000 $53.75 $18.00
$30,000 $60.00 $20.00
$35,000 $67.00 $22.00
$50,000 $107.50 $36.00
$100,000 $215.00 $72.00